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Call for participants and collaboration partners!

Mental wellbeing study with care-experienced adults

Petra Göbbels-Koch is a PhD Candidate from the Royal Holloway, University of London, supervised by Prof Anna Gupta and Dr Katrin Bain. Her background is in social work and psychosocial counselling. She worked in an intercultural youth organisation, a psychiatric service for children and adolescents, and a child contact centre. For her PhD study with care-experienced adults, she is currently looking for participants and collaboration partners (who are in contact with care-experienced adults).

Petra’s PhD study looks at the mental health among care-experienced adults in England and Germany with the focus on factors influencing suicidal thoughts (e.g. coping strategies). The aim is to deepen the understanding, raise awareness of and therefore promote mental wellbeing and life satisfaction among care leavers and care-experienced people. It is hoped that the results will help to inform future supportive work for young people in care and leaving care (i.a. suicide prevention).

The study has two parts: 

1)   The online survey “Promoting mental wellbeing among care-experienced adults” 

The online survey looks at the mental wellbeing, future expectations, life satisfaction and suicidal thoughts as well as personal strengths and coping strategies among care-experienced adults. Care-experienced adults (18-40 years old, in foster or residential care on/after your 16th birthday) are welcome to take part. To access the survey: HERE

2)   Interviews “Progress and Coping: Influencing factors of suicidal ideation among care-experienced adults” 

With the interviews, Petra would like to find out more about factors influencing suicidal thoughts from care-experienced adults (18–40 years old) who would like to share their views, particularly on what helped them to cope. Also, she would like to hear their opinions on how care and social services can help to prevent the experience of suicidal ideation. If you are interested and want to find out more about the interviews, contact (or WhatsApp 07916401375).

Participation will be possible until 30th June 2021.  

If you are an independent reviewing officer/social work/care practitioner working with care leavers, please share the information with the young adults as you consider appropriate. For more information, please contact Petra:

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