NIROMP Call to Action: Independent Review of Children’s Social Care

Sharon Martin, Chair of the National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP), said:

“I am delighted to throw NIROMP’s support behind the work of the A National Voice, to make sure the voices of more children and young people in care and leaving care are heard. It is crucial that the Children’s Social Care review team hear the voices of children and young people. I’m encouraging all independent reviewing officers and all people who stand up for the voice of children and young people to please lend your support to this important work.”


Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

Coram Voice’s A National Voice Ambassadors are really pleased to be working with the Children’s Social Care review team to ensure as many children and young people as possible get their voices heard.

You can read more about how we’re doing that HERE

As well as creating and running workshops to explore some of the issued raised by the care review with children and young people, we have created a quick survey for young people to share their views with us. There are only a few questions and they can be completed by a young person or with the support of a worker. You do not need to answer every question (but it is helpful for us to build a picture of the young people that have responded).

We know how important IRO’s are for the young people they work with and you are often the most consistent professional in a young person’s life. We hope that this survey provides you with the opportunity to ensure the young people you come in to contact with are able to get their voices heard, particularly if they are unlikely to participate in any wider group work around the care review. 

Feel free to use the survey as you see fit, there are just two key questions and responses could be easily inputted following your conversations with young people if it is not possible, or likely, for them to complete independently.

Survey link:

Thank you for helping us ensure young people’s views are heard.

Jenny Humphreys | Participation Manager


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