Care Review urged to press for significant investment to reverse the loss of early help capacity

Sources: BBC News and ADCS North East Region Submission to IRCSC

Children’s social care in England is failing, particularly in the North East, 12 councils in the North East of England have said.

In comments reported by BBC News, Director of Children’s Services John Pearce said:

“The numbers of children needing care are unsustainable and a different pattern of care is the only solution. We must address system-wide barriers so that our frontline staff have the capacity to build strong relationships with children and their families to support meaningful change.

“We believe investment in social regeneration should be central to the government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda.”

John Pearce, chair of the North East Association of Directors of Children’s Services as reported in BBC News

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care was launched by the government in March this year. ADCS North East have made two “asks” of the Independent Social Care review and six headline recommendations.

The two “askscontained in the ADCS North East submission:

  • The Care Review must press Government to develop an ambitious, cross-departmental strategy to reduce and then end child poverty as part of its levelling up agenda.
  • The Care Review must also recognise the impact of reductions in local authority funding and press for significant investment to reverse the loss of early help capacity in local areas.

You can download the ‘North East Submission to the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care’ 2021 via the ADCS website HERE.

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