ADCS: ‘significant concern’ over care review’s suggestion of ‘tension’ between protection and support | Community Care

Organisations’ responses to ‘case for change’ report sound warnings on interpretation of social work roles and urge greater recognition of structural challenges faced by children’s services

Source: Community Care By Rob Preston on August 20, 2021  

The vice president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) has described as a “significant concern” suggestions made by the children’s care review of separating early help and child protection services.

“We don’t think [separating services] is a good move,” Steve Crocker, who is also the DCS in Hampshire, told Community Care this week in an interview following the closing date for submissions responding to the review’s initial ‘case for change’ report.

The case for change, published in June, made a series of initial diagnoses of areas in which the review – led by former Frontline chief Josh MacAlister – believes the children’s social care system needs reform. These included a critique of its focus on assessment and investigation at the expense of support.

“How do we address the tension between protection and support in children’s social care that families describe?” it asked. “Is a system which undertakes both support for families and child protection impeded in its ability to do both well?”

Read full piece at source: ADCS: ‘significant concern’ over care review’s suggestion of ‘tension’ between protection and support

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