Yvette Stanley’s latest blog with a link to Ofsted’s full response to the Social Care Review – Case for Change

Source: Ofsted Posted on: 25 August 2021 

There’s much we can agree with in the report. For example, we are glad to see the review echo the call that we (and many others) have made for a cross-government approach to achieving solutions. We were delighted to see the review stress the need for increased support for kinship carers. We welcome the emphasis placed on effective early intervention and support for families, which will require significant investment.  

It is right to stress the critical importance of protecting and nurturing lasting relationships for children in care. However, until the overall sufficiency crisis is resolved, too many children will continue to live far from family and friends, often in unsuitable accommodation, risking further instability and difficulties in their lives.  

It’s good to see the report raising the link between deprivation and families’ involvement with children’s social care. We’d like to see the review explore the causes of poverty on children and families in more depth, and how policy and practice can either exacerbate or tackle inequalities. 

Elsewhere, the Case for Change raises several further issues that warrant careful and considered exploration. While there is a clear urgency to finding solutions, it’s important not to rush to conclusions that may create risk or have unintended consequences. 

Yvette Stanley, ‘Ofsted’s response to the Case for Change’

Read Yvette Stanley’s blog: HERE

Read Ofsted’s full response to the Case for Change:  HERE 

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