Social care review – Call for ideas

Today the Social Care Review team have launched their Call for Ideas. This is an opportunity to share ideas. From big transformative ideas that might take years and require systemic change to smaller solutions that could deliver more immediate results for children, the challenge is there.

This Call for Ideas is open to all for 6 weeks, which will take us to the end of the year.

January 2022 to Spring will see the review team move into a final  ‘Delivery’ phase where they will take everything read and heard and bring all their thinking together into a set of recommendations.

NIROMP is inviting all IROs and those who manage IROs to meet in the coming weeks about our response. This follows a meeting held with IROs and their managers earlier this year. The session was recorded and has been shared across the regional networks.

Regional leads will be sharing further details regards meeting dates in the course of the next week. IROs and those who manage IROs can register any queries, ideas and comments relating to the Social Care Review with their regional lead.

More information about our regional networks and how to make contact is available: HERE

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