Race Equality will only be achieved when we all play a part #RaceEqualityWeek 7th – 13th February 2022 #actionnotjustwords


More than 2000 organisations including the National IRO Managers Partnership took part in the first Race Equality Week in February 2021, building on their own race activity and/or accessing and implementing the solutions, tools and resources have co-created with those with lived experience.

Our emphasis is to drive meaningful action that makes an impact. Race Equality will only be achieved when we all play a part.

Join the movement. Unite in action this Race Equality Week to challenge race inequality across the UK.

“Race Equality Week provides a real opportunity for us to be a force for good.”

Hear more about the actions you can take – watch this video by the Race Equality Network and register to access the wealth of resources available via their website: HERE

Millie Kerr has been helping social workers understand how their biases can affect their peers and the families they support in her role at Brighton & Hove Council. In this post for Community Care, she said:

It is uncomfortable to have uncomfortable conversations about race, but we need to sit with this discomfort if we are to effect change. That means challenging our own fears, beliefs and biases to enhance our social work practice, when working with communities, cultures, customs and religions different from our own.

Millie Kerr. ‘My role as England’s first anti-racist lead practitioner’

Watch this short video to learn more about how you might create safer spaces for uncomfortable conversations in your workplace. More great resources like this one can be found on the Race Equality Network website.

Thank you to those of you who have responded to our renewed call to make a promise. We love this one from Alli Parkinson – received via our website today:

Please keep your promises coming in. You can submit yours: HERE

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