Communicating with Children: A guide for those working with children who have or may have been sexually abused

Lisa McCrindle, Police advisor has got in touch to make sure NIROMP members are aware of this latest resource from the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse.

I am delighted to inform you that this morning we have published our latest resource Communicating with Children: A guide for those working with children who have or may have been sexually abused. The resource is now available on our website.

This new guide gives all those working with children guidance in talking about child sexual abuse: explaining what may be going on for children when they are being sexually abused, what prevents them from talking about their abuse, and what professionals can do to help children speak about what is happening.

Taking the onus away from the child, this guide brings together research, professional guidance and expert input from professionals and victims/survivors of abuse to guide conversations and safeguarding of children.

This guide seeks to build the knowledge, confidence and skills in anyone whose role brings them into contact with children. For example, a social worker, teacher, teaching assistant, police officer, health professional, voluntary-sector worker, youth worker, sports coach or faith leader/worker.

  • The Communicating with Children guide helps professionals to:
  • Respond when they are concerned that a child is being sexually abused
  • Know what should and shouldn’t be said in conversations with children
  • Consider the situation that each individual child is in, to plan conversations
  • Understand the professional behaviours that can give children the confidence to tell
  • Keep a professional record of communications

This is the second in our new series of practice resources, designed by professionals for professionals to build confidence in talking to children when they have concerns of child sexual abuse. This resource follows our publication of Signs and Indicators: A template for identifying and recording concerns of child sexual abuse. Coming soon will be our third resource Supporting Parents and Carers: A guide for those working with families affected by child sexual abuse. Further resources will be published over the coming months and will be supported by a series of films explaining the need for and role of the resources.

We will be promoting the Guide across our channels and an article highlighting the importance of talking to children when there are concerns of child sexual abuse by our Deputy Director,  Anna Glinski features on Community Care today.  Please do support us to promote and share the resource as widely as possible across your networks and get in touch if you would like us to present to teams on the resource and our wider work in this area. Please do let us know if you or your colleagues use or promote the resource and if you have any feedback on it.

Do let me know if you would like any further information, or if you have any questions,

Lisa McCrindle

Policy advisor

Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse

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