NEWS: More updates from the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care

Date: 31.03.22

NIROMP chair, Sharon Martin said: “We are pleased to share these helpful updates from the children’s social care review team. Over the coming weeks NIROMP will announce dates for IRO practitioners and their managers to meet, to share ideas and to consider the key messages. Dates will be posted via the website and cascaded via Regional Leads.”


The Independent Social Care Review has published two reports summarising their engagement during the with:

  • adults with experience of children’s social care
  • the children’s social care workforce

The adult engagement summary includes conversations with parents, birth parents, care experienced parents, adopters, kinship & foster carers. Some of the thoughts and ideas that shared:

The workforce engagement summary represents the views of social workers, early help practitioners, education professionals, volunteers, & organisations that represent the children’s social care workforce. A few of the thoughts and ideas that shared:

The reports add to the summary of our engagement with young people which were published last October and which you can read HERE

For more information about the review visit: An independent review of children’s
social care in England

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