‘The Future of Care’ – webinar from Coram BAAF

NIROMP are pleased to share an event which we think will be of interest to independent reviewing officers and their managers. Run by Coram BAAF, ‘The Future of Care’ is an online webinar and panel discussion taking place on 28 April (1.15-3pm). The event will bring together key voices to debate how the care system operates now and what it should look like in the future. The debate will be chaired by Carol Homden, Chief Executive, Coram Group. Attendees can watch online with opportunities to put questions to the panel.

This is not an event that NIROMP has had any input to; and the views shared by the panellists may not necessarily reflect the views of independent reviewing officers or their managers, however we thought it was worth sharing.

You can find more detail and register for the webinar here: https://corambaaf.org.uk/events/live-webinar-future-care-panel-discussion

If you have any questions, you’ll need to contact the organisers of the event. The contact is: conferences@corambaaf.org.uk

We hope you find this useful.

Best Wishes

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