Cultural Sensitivity matching children in Foster Arrangements

Hackney C&E Anti-Racist Praxis Conference: Praxis (practice) to, unmask, repair and prevent the hidden wounds of racial trauma on Black and Global majority ethnic children and families in Hackney. A collection of themed sessions are on offer from 9th – 11th May. Register: HERE

Cultural Sensitivity matching children in Foster Arrangements

This workshop suitable for: Social workers, Foster Carers, Independent Reviewing Officers, Independent social workers, Advocates .

Date and time: Wed, 11 May 2022, 09:30 – 10:30

Workshop Content outline
  • Insights into the development of cultural competency
  • The assessment of cultural needs when matching children in care arrangements
  • Supporting foster carers to meet the cultural needs of children in their care
  • Anti-discriminatory advocacy
  • The dangers of cultural indifference
  • The use of Social Graces in the matching process
Learning Outcomes
  • Practitioners will understand the importance of cultural identity when finding families for their young people.
  • Practitioners will gain insight into generational and collective trauma and how this can be triggered for young people in inappropriately matched care arrangements.

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More information including how to register for other events in the collection: Hackney C&E Anti-Racist Praxis Conference

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