NIROMP Community of Practice – Contextual Safeguarding Session

Posted 13th May 2022

On 12th May 2022 NIROMP held a session focused on extra-familial harm. Huge thanks to Dr Lauren Wroe; Dr Rachael Owens, Professor Carlene Firmin and Gary Sanders.

The video recording and associated materials are free for you to download and share.

Development of a special interest group was mentioned at the event and expressions of interest are already coming in. Interested in getting involved? More information including how to get in touch can be found below.

We do hope that you will enjoy watching the event at your convenience and making use of the materials and tools shared.

Sharon Martin, chair NIROMP said: “It is always great to spend time with colleagues discussing developments in practice. This latest session focused on children’s social care out-of-area placement of adolescents in cases of extra-familial risk. Close to 500 IROs, Conference Chairs, leaders and managers registered for the event. A rich discussion. Thank you to all who contributed.”

View the video recording from the event:


Securing Safety – Key things to consider

Adolescent Safety Framework (Safer Me) – Devon Childrens’ and Families Partnership (


In response to the recommendations made by the contextual safeguarding research team, we are now inviting expressions of interest to join a special interest group focused on extra-familial harm. The group will be open to IROs, Conference Chairs and their managers. Expressions of interest can be posted to us online: HERE

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