By Coram Voice July 2022

  • Over 7,500 children and young people in care share their views and experiences on contact arrangements with their families.
  • Over a fifth of children felt they saw their mums, dads and siblings too little
  • Compared with foster and kinship care, more young people in residential. care were dissatisfied with how often they saw their family.
  • Half of young people didn’t feel involved in decisions social workers made about their lives.

The views and experiences of over 7,500 children and young people in care on their contact with family members and impact on their wellbeing are uncovered in a new report published today by Coram Voice and The Rees Centre at University of Oxford*.

Staying Connected finds that nearly a third (31%) of children (aged 8-10) and a quarter (25%) of young people (aged 11-18) felt they were seeing their mothers too little, whilst over a fifth (22%) of children and 18% of young people felt they were seeing their fathers too little. 22% of children didn’t feel they had enough contact with their brothers and sisters, and this figure was higher for young people (31%). About one in five young people had no contact with either parent and this was particularly the case for those in residential care and boys.

Important findings. Read in full at source: HERE

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