Human Rights Committee launches public inquiry on the Bill of Rights

Date: July 13th, 2022

The Bill of Rights Bill would make wide-reaching changes to the human rights framework in the UK, including by:  

  • Changing how courts can interpret and apply human rights;  
  • Limiting the duty on public authorities to act compatibly with human rights and,  
  • Making various changes to the enforcement of human rights through the courts.  

As the Committee responsible for scrutinising the Government’s human rights record, the Human Rights Committee has conducted two inquiries considering plans to reform the Human Rights Act 1998. During their inquires they heard evidence from experts with a diverse range of views. They also plan to conduct legislative scrutiny of the Bill of Rights and will report in due course. 

  • They are interested to hear individuals’ views on the replacement of the Human Rights Act with the Bill of Rights through a 4-minute survey.
  • Written responses can also be submitted until August 26th.

Read full piece at source: Human Rights Committee launches public inquiry on the Bill of Rights

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