The Subjective Wellbeing of Children in Care of the State

Source: Wellbeing Research Centre, University of Oxford Published: November 2022

Research presentation by Professor Julie Selwyn (Oxford) and Linda Brikheim-Crookall (Coram Voice) delivered under the title ‘The Subjective Wellbeing of Children in Care of the State’ as part of Breakout Session #4: Wellbeing in education, at the inaugural Wellbeing Research & Policy Conference in 2022.

The Wellbeing Research & Policy Conference, led by the Wellbeing Research Centre at the University of Oxford, brought together scholars and policymakers to discuss the latest research, insights, and developments in the field of wellbeing science. The conference was held over three days at the Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre in Worcester College, University of Oxford, in July 2022. At the Conference, we hosted plenary speakers, panel discussions, policy roundtables, and many more opportunities for participants to share their research and ideas.

For full recordings of each session, head to

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