All is not well in the family courts …

This talk by Sir James Munby (lately President of the Family Division of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales) at a Conference in Edinburgh on 10 February 2020 of Shared Parenting Scotland is an interesting read. Sir James Munby states: Time is running out to address all these problems. These continuing attacks … Continue reading All is not well in the family courts …

2020 Social Care Point in Time #Adoption #fostercare #Residential

Ofsted has sent surveys to social care providers to find out about the experiences of the children, parents, staff and professionals involved. Please encourage children, parents, staff and professionals to share their views about the providers they are involved with and that Ofsted inspect. The survey will close on Friday 27 March. If you’re a … Continue reading 2020 Social Care Point in Time #Adoption #fostercare #Residential


In whatever form it takes, NIROMP believe that Kinship Care is an important and valuable route to settled, permanent care for many children. ABOUT kinship care Kinship care is when family members or friends take on the care of children who, for many different reasons, are unable to remain living at home with their parents. … Continue reading SUPPORTING KINSHIP CARE

Councils name children’s services as biggest financial pressure | CYP Now

Children’s services and education top the list of immediate funding pressures faced by councils, according to a new report. Read full piece at source: Councils name children's services as biggest financial pressure


Unprecedented review of Scottish care system demands radical overhaul Today the independent review into Scotland's care system published its final report. We at NIROMP applaud all who contributed to Scotland Care Review, most especially the children and people with lived experience. Change is needed across Scotland as it is across England. We look forward … Continue reading INDEPENDENT CARE REVIEW #KeepThePromise #ThePromise

Flawed Placement Application #Adoption #HumanRights #fostering

This judgment should be an important reminder of why statutory regulation, guidance and caselaw exist. Achieving what’s right for individual children based on a holistic non-linear evaluation of the options must always govern decision making. This judgment by HHJ Lazarus contains powerful and important reminders of the stakes in which we are dealing when we … Continue reading Flawed Placement Application #Adoption #HumanRights #fostering

Local authorities told to focus on adoption for children in care

Cathy Ashley, the chief executive of Family Rights Group: “Adoption is the right solution for some children. However, far more children who cannot live with their parents flourish in the care of wider family, yet the latter receives negligible recognition, support or finance.” NIROMP view is that there should be no hierarchy - adoption should … Continue reading Local authorities told to focus on adoption for children in care

EU Settlement Scheme

Last summer Coram Children’s Legal Centre gave a very helpful presentation on the EU Settlement Scheme to members of NIROMP's London IROs Group. The presentation covered what Social Workers and IROs needed to do with children and young people in local authority care to apply for settled status post-Brexit. Government funding for Coram and other … Continue reading EU Settlement Scheme

10 Year Challenge | @johnPDurham ADCS

What does the 10 year challenge for children's services look like? There is a challenge for us all as the new government takes shape to make the case for the prioritisation of children’s services both in terms of resourcing and new policy direction. Can the silos that exist in Whitehall be broken down with ministers … Continue reading 10 Year Challenge | @johnPDurham ADCS

Joint Call for a Full, Independent Review of Children’s Social Care in England

Deadline: Tuesday 21st January 2020 Hundreds of individuals with personal and/or professional experience of children's social care have already signed an open letter to the Secretary of State for Education calling for a full, independent review of children's social care in England. Please consider joining them. To read the letter, see those who have already signed … Continue reading Joint Call for a Full, Independent Review of Children’s Social Care in England