New care applications highest ever for month of September

What is critical info in this debate is what %age of applications end up in full care orders? Risk can be managed in different ways. — Isabelle Trowler (@IsabelleTrowler) 14 October 2016 Source: Cafcass In September 2016, Cafcass received a total of 1,216 care applications. This figure represents a 23% increase compared to those... Continue Reading →

Council cut mother’s support months before seeking care order

Judge finds Cambridgeshire council’s withdrawal of support played ‘large part’ in events that led to it arguing her child should be taken into care. 'Cambridgeshire had concerns following the end of support over the mother’s apparent failure to disclose a friendship – and potential sexual relationship (which the mother denied) – with a man who... Continue Reading →

Unlocking Potential

A report by the Children's Commissioner for England has considered the safeguarding needs of young people in custody. Read the report of the Children's Commissioner here: Unlocking Potential Recommendations set out by the Children's Commissioner: Young people should only be placed in isolation as a last resort not very often not for a long time. Every time a young person is... Continue Reading →

Family Rights Group: Children’s Contact

Relevant reading for all IROs The Family Rights Group has carried out research into the contact that children being raised in family and friends care have with their parents and others. Read at source via the links below: Chapter 1: Introduction and acknowledgements Chapter 2: Legal framework Chapter 3: Key messages from international literature Chapter 4:... Continue Reading →

Care Proceedings: Outcomes for children

Research funded by the Department of Health 'What Happened Next' (2014) has examined decision-making for children in care proceedings and has found that: Decisions made in care proceedings can contribute to reducing the odds of poor developmental outcomes for 'maltreated' (sic) children. Substitute families and apparent changes in birth families were associated with improvements in the children’s relationships and adaptation.... Continue Reading →

How ‘Patrick’ was helped to return home

This scenario shows how IROs’ use of professional ‘challenge’ enabled professionals to re-consider the significance of the child’s relationship with family. While recognising that it may occasionally be better for a child to stay separated from their family or to have limited contact, this scenario reminds us of the importance of robust assessment and family... Continue Reading →

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