Learning resources free online

These online learning resources are free and will be helpful to some parents and carers as well as professionals. Source: future learn

Brief article: Bonding with the unborn baby  The University of Warwick

Video: Why babies need experiences (04:53) Professor Jane Barlow: concepts of experience-expectant and experience-dependent brain development. The University of Warwick

Video: Babies in Mind The University of Warwick

Video: Understanding other minds: reflective functioning Professor Jane Barlow: importance of parental reflective functioning. The University of Warwick

Online Course in progress: Babies in mind: why the parent’s mind matters  The University of Warwick

Online Course: Caring for vulnerable children Starts January 2016 University of Strathclyde

Article: How affection shapes a baby’s brain by Sue Gerhardt 

More can be found at: future learn

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