Social work reform

In a Community Care article by Judy Cooper posted on October 14, 2015 Directors have warned against a two-tier social work education system. The Association of Directors of Children's Services (ADCS) has also expressed fears that "accreditation of children's social workers could become additional burden." Read more at source: Directors warn against two-tier social work education system Also worth reading Extract … Continue reading Social work reform

Family Rights Group Press Release: challenges facing kinship children & their carers

Cathy Ashley, Chief Executive of Family Rights Group, has said: “The two studies released today, combine to provide authoritative new data on the challenges facing kinship children and their carers. The number of children living in kinship care are increasing, and these children are overwhelmingly affected by poverty. “By safely keeping the vast majority of … Continue reading Family Rights Group Press Release: challenges facing kinship children & their carers

ADCS has updated its website

ADCS has updated it's website with lots of useful resource links. See links to ADCS website and some pages of particular interest to IROs below. Go to source: Home page And there's lots more including: Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO)    The ADCS policy committee with lead responsibility for independent reviewing officers is the Health, Care and Additional Needs Policy … Continue reading ADCS has updated its website

Couple Cleared Of Child Abuse Campaign For Change In The Law

Another great blog Natasha Phillips, editor at Researching Reform.  There have been a number of cases of innocent parents losing their children to the care and adoption system. As a result a number of campaigners are trying to change the law. Extract As Michael Turner QC notes, cases where parents have been wrongly accused of harming their children are … Continue reading Couple Cleared Of Child Abuse Campaign For Change In The Law

Parents’ wish to treat child’s cancer with Chinese medicine overruled by Family Court

This is a reblog from the ‘UK Human Rights Blog’ site. The blog’s editorial team is
General Editor: Adam Wagner
Commissioning Editor: Jim Duffy
Editorial team: Rosalind English, Angus McCullough QC, David Hart QC, Martin Downs.

It raises interesting issues re ‘best interests’ decisions. Worth a read.

UK Human Rights Blog

71bl6-vngql-_sl1500_JM (a child), Re[2015] EWHC 2832 (Fam), 7 October 2015 – read judgment

Mostyn J, ruling in the Family Division that a child should receive surgical treatment for bone cancer against the wishes of his parents, has referred to Ian McEwan’s “excellent” novel The Children Act (Jonathan Cape 2014), which is about a 17 year old Jehovah’s Witness refusing a blood transfusion. The judge noted however that the book was in fact “incorrectly titled”:

a question of whether a medical procedure should be forced on a 16 or 17 year old should be sought solely under the High Court’s inherent jurisdiction, and not under the Children Act.

This case on the other hand concerned a ten year old child, J. The NHS Trust sought permission to perform urgent surgery of a serious nature on his right jawbone, where he has a very rare aggressive cancer. Its medical name is a craniofacial…

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Child & Adult Safeguarding: challenges of inter-professional working & communication

Recommend viewing Youtube of various keynote addresses held as part of the Annual Safeguarding Conference provided by Bucks New University in June 2015. The presentations explore the challenges of inter-professional working and communication in safeguarding practice across both adults and children's safeguarding and includes a presentation by Sharon Shoesmith. Website/source: Bucks New University Twitter: @bucksnewuni Other relevant publications Sharon Shoesmith (2015) Shoesmith: culture of blame has … Continue reading Child & Adult Safeguarding: challenges of inter-professional working & communication