Court of Appeal Case – Post Adoption Contact

Here is a useful summary of a court of appeal case about post adoption contact, written by some of the lawyers involved. RE B (A Child) (Post-Adoption Contact) [2019] EWCA Civ 29: What is the Future for Post-Adoption Contact? This article, written by the solicitor and junior counsel for the appellants, considers the backdrop against... Continue Reading →

New Ofsted research: good decisions for looked after children | Yvette Stanley

Posted by: Yvette Stanley, Ofsted's National Director for Social Care. First posted on: 21 May 2019. Source: Ofsted    Over the coming months, Ofsted will examine decision-making processes for looked after children - looking at what contributes to good decisions for children in care or on the edge of care, including decisions about where they... Continue Reading →

Future of Adoption Publication Series | Rudd Adoption Research Program UMassAmherst

Source: The Rudd Centre, Adoption Research Program Future of Adoption Publication Series – essential reading for IROs Adoption practice, especially with regard to separating birth and adoptive families, has changed dramatically in the past several decades and the latest publication in this Future of Adoption Publication Series addresses the issue of contact. Two papers address... Continue Reading →

Source: The Care Experienced Conference Follow on Twitter @Careexpconf  #CareExpConf The Care Experienced Conference: Many voices, many stories, many homes, One community Tomorrow marks a ground breaking moment for people with #CareExperience with the inaugural @Careexpconf  Let's all please follow via social media using the hashtags #CareExpConf #CareExpConf #CEP #CareExperienced “Care experienced people of all ages do... Continue Reading →

Not all local authorities have rising care rates. How do we explain this? | What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care

Originally published on 28 November 2018. Source: What Works Centre for Children's Social Care Author: Professor Jonathan Scourfield Most people reading this blog will be well aware, because it has been widely reported, that in all UK countries the rates of children looked after are increasing year on year. In England, the number has risen from... Continue Reading →

Celebrating success, strength and bravery

Celebrating children in our care Jenny Coles, Chair of the ADCS, Families Communities and Young People Policy Committee  Let’s celebrate success, strength and bravery throughout the year, campaign and change perceptions! Read full piece at source: Celebrating children in our care | ADCS

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