Given the paradox of the care system, how can we possibly know what is the best way to improve it? #careexpconf

'It is not enough to hold a focus group or consult a few kids who have recently left care. We need to get the widest view based on the longest, most diverse and most experienced consultants available -the care experienced community of all ages, in all its glorious diversity. That is why I support a... Continue Reading →

Care Leaver Covenant – raising aspirations #readywhenyouare

The Covenant, run by Spectra First, is part of the government’s ambition to improve care leavers’ outcomes so they go on to lead happy and successful lives. The pledges on offer include work placements with organisations such as Liverpool FC Foundation, the Science Museum Group and Rolls-Royce to help them get their first step into... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court outlines nine key principles of section 20 practice | Community Care

By Luke Stevenson | Community Care | First published July 20, 2018 A recent court case outlined how social workers should approach section 20 arrangements. A recent Supreme Court ruling on the lawfulness of a section 20 arrangement included general commentary on the practice and a set of principles on how it should be correctly applied. Cathy Ashley, chief... Continue Reading →


"[...] we care about families. We care about people being able to help themselves. We believe in helping people to help themselves, but we are not doing that. We are simply saying, "The state will take care of this, because you have failed as a parent." What message does that send about our vision of... Continue Reading →

Stability Index 2018 | Report by the Children’s Commissioner for England

The experience of children in the care system informs much of the work carried out by Anne Longfield, OBE Children's Commissioner for England. Many of the calls to the Commissioner's Help at Hand advice line involves children worried about unwanted changes of carer, social worker or the impact of school moves. The Children in Care Stability Index has... Continue Reading →

Scholarships for care leavers or young people estranged from their family No rent, no bills, 365 days a year for 3 years.   The Unite Foundation provides scholarship opportunities for young people aged 25 years or under who are care leavers or are estranged from their family. Taking care of a place for the young person to live whilst they’re at university and leaving them free to... Continue Reading →

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