FREE to access report on the relationship between poverty, child abuse and neglect via Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Authors: Paul Bywaters, Lisa Bunting, Gavin Davidson, Jennifer Hanratty, Will Mason, Claire McCartan, Nicole Steils First published: 3rd Mar 2016   Source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation This report identifies and discusses evidence about the relationship between poverty and child abuse and neglect. Download to read at source: The relationship between poverty, child abuse and neglect: an evidence... Continue Reading →

Improving care leavers access and participation in higher education

First published by the Department for Education on 14 March 2019. A new Policy paper has been published by the Department for Education: Principles to guide HE providers on improving care leavers access and participation in HE Details The guiding principles will support Higher Education (HE) providers to develop their offer for care leavers to... Continue Reading →

Social care commentary: using models of practice successfully | Ofsted

Originally published on 26 February 2019 By: Ofsted and Yvette Stanley Yvette Stanley reflects on the success factors in different models of practice that local authorities use when working with children and families: New ways of working can really support a profession that is striving to improve. What we shouldn’t do though, is forget the... Continue Reading →

‘Correct me if I’m wrong but this doesn’t sound like a country that works for all children.’ – @stuartdcs

#ADCS President comments on new analysis by national children's charities on funding for children's services: “While some local authorities have benefitted from small, time limited pots of ring fenced funding this is neither a sustainable nor an equitable way forward. It does nothing to meet the needs of the system as a whole. Government must... Continue Reading →

Transforming children’s services inquiry #cep

This takes a bit of reading - you'll need to set some time aside. If you're really invested in transforming children's services for children in care and care leavers - and inevitably we expect so, then you'll devote the time necessary to read about and involve yourself in conversation about the divergent perspectives discussed as part... Continue Reading →

Obsession with local variations is a distraction | Children England

Children England charity response to the NAO report "Pressures on Children's Social Care" by Chloe Darlington, Children England, 23rd January 2019: We welcome the confirmation from the National Audit Office that, in the face of huge financial pressures, local authorities have been forced to close non-statutory services in order to protect statutory services. We are also... Continue Reading →

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