Independent review of children’s social care – how to get involved #CareReview

On 15 January 2021, the Education Secretary announced the launch of an independent review of children’s social care. The review, led by Josh MacAlister, will identify how the system can be changed and reformed to improve lives.

The Our Care, Our Say group are amongst the first to pull together care experienced people’s views in a report submitted this week for Josh’s attention. We expect there will be many submissions to the chair of the review each offering a perspective about how the review might be managed and the reforms that might be sought. The Our Care, Our Say report sets out the first hand views of a wide range of care experienced people of all ages and makes a significant contribution to inform how the review is carried out.

How to get involved

Josh has stated a commitment to providing a number of different routes to involvement for in the review. The Experts by experience group is one of the ways the review will be giving anyone who has had a social worker (either themselves or a child in their care) the opportunity to share their understanding and views on the care system and play a part in improving children’s social care.

The Experts by experience group will be one way, but not the only way the review hears the views of children, young people, care experienced adults and families with lived experience of the children’s social care system. Josh has stated a commitment to there being many other opportunities.

People can sign-up to an engagement list which will mean the review team can get in touch with you when there are future opportunities to participate in the review.

More details of these opportunities will be shared by Josh in the coming weeks.

Application process

To apply to join the Experts by experience group, people need to complete the application form by 5pm on Friday 5 February 2021.

Josh will lead the selection panel to choose members of the group and Jenny Molloy (Care Leaver and Author) and Shazia Hussain (Department for Education, Head of the Independent Review Team) will support him.

If you want to be one of the voices involved in the view, then we encourage you to fill out an application form to let Josh and his team know that you’re interested.

Where to find more information

Education Secretary launches review of children’s social care – more information: HERE

Experts by experience group: expression of interest

Independent review of children’s social care: subscribe for updates

Read the Our Care, Our Say “Is this the time people are actually going to listen?”

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