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This learning tool is taken from the work of Peggy O’Neill and Maria del Mar Fariña
in their paper, ‘Constructing Critical Conversations in Social Work Supervision: Creating Change’ (2019). Whilst designed to help practice supervisors think about how they can engage in a critical conversation (CC), it should prove useful for anyone in a supervisory role, no matter where they are within the organisation.

A central objective of this tool is to surface, explore and address racism and other forms of structural inequality at play within the supervisor-supervisee and superviseeservice user relationship, in order to deliver socially just, inclusive, effective social work supervision which meets the needs of the UK’s diverse and changing communities. This tool will define key terms, outline the premise, aims and rationale for the CC framework, and provide an outline of the six-stage framework model, alongside a set of reflexive questions to guide deeper exploration of each of its stage.

– Practice Tool: Critical conversations in social work supervision

Download at source: PSDP—Resources and Tools: Critical conversations in social work supervision

The Research in Practice Practice Supervisor Development Programme (PSDP) has released over 30 new resources, inspired by the ‘Supervising the Supervisor’ programme, to support learning and development for all middle leaders who manage practice supervisors in children’s social care.

The learning resources are available on the open access website – Resources and Tools for Practice Supervisors. In each section you will find a mixture of knowledge briefings, presentations, films and learning tools:

  • Learning tools can be used to review and audit your skills, for example by reflecting on your approach to leadership, or to support you to consider how you can influence supervision in a certain area such as embedding observations of supervision.
  • Knowledge briefings have a strategic focus and have been developed to support you in building an organisational culture in which practice supervisors, practitioners and excellent standards of social work practice can thrive.

View the resources (open access) via the Research in Practice website: New open access resources for managers of practice supervisors

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