Derby City Council: working with young people to support them ‘to get a life not a service’ | DfE

At Derby City Council we are testing a new innovative way of working with young people 16+ to support them improve their life pathway – ‘to get a life not a service’.  This involves testing an already established and successful approach within our adult social care system locally, to understand its transferability across the rest... Continue Reading →

Research in Practice | New open access briefing on the relationship between contextual, complex and transitional safeguarding

A new briefing note produced by the Contextual Safeguarding Network at the University of Bedfordshire, with Research in Practice and Rochdale Borough Council, outlines what is meant by the terms ‘complex safeguarding’, ‘contextual safeguarding’ and ‘transitional safeguarding’ and how these approaches overlap and complement each other. Read full piece at source: Research in Practice | New open access briefing... Continue Reading →

Ray Jones: ‘If councils lose accountability for children’s services then families will lose the help they need’

Ray Jones, social work academic and former director of social services in Wiltshire, has been nothing short of vocal about his concerns surrounding the increasing involvement of private companies in the delivery of social work and social care. Many share his view – almost 72,000 people signed three petitions in 2014 opposing government proposals to... Continue Reading →

Children’s care cash crisis: nine in 10 councils pushed into the red | LGA

Severe funding shortages for social services that protect vulnerable children have pushed nearly nine in 10 councils into the red, new analysis by the LGA reveals today, prompting warnings that funding for children’s care is now in a country-wide crisis. New figures show that a total of 133 out of 152 councils (88 per cent)... Continue Reading →

‘Social work isn’t falling to bits – it has some deep challenges to which we can provide remedies’ | Community Care

It only takes a few minutes in Sir Alan Wood’s company before his reputation for plain speaking shows itself to be accurate. The chair of the children’s social care What Works Centre, who has been in post since early summer, begins advancing an argument that his new organisation’s role shouldn’t extend to driving reform. “It’s... Continue Reading →

Uncovering gross ethnic inequalities in child protection and care … Download the research: Paradoxical evidence on ethnic inequities in child welfare: Towards a research agenda

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