Not all local authorities have rising care rates. How do we explain this? | What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care

Originally published on 28 November 2018. Source: What Works Centre for Children's Social Care Author: Professor Jonathan Scourfield Most people reading this blog will be well aware, because it has been widely reported, that in all UK countries the rates of children looked after are increasing year on year. In England, the number has risen from... Continue Reading →

Foster families who ignore race are participating in a pernicious form of racism | Media Diversified #cep

Derek Owusu draws on personal experiences to argue that there needs to be more education about the needs of black children when being fostered I was eight years old when I first realised I was black. Before that, all I saw myself as was a ‘different kind of person’.  No colour attached, but of course, visibly... Continue Reading →

ARE WE VALUING CARE? Children’s services essay collection | iMPOWER

IROs know from experience that stable and well-matched care for children and young people in care often makes all the difference, but this paper argues that there is system failure in delivering this at scale. At a time when resources are so precious, the sector must tighten its control of the money spent on children... Continue Reading →

Families must be diverted away from courts, Trowler report argues

The government must do more to divert families with ‘entrenched’ problems away from the courts, research by the chief children’s social worker has concluded. The ‘Case for clear blue water’ briefing by Isabelle Trowler found too many marginal cases involving children at risk of significant harm were entering the family justice system. The study argued... Continue Reading →

Zahawi announces plans to extend DfE innovation projects to more councils | Children & Young People Now

How will the £84m funding announcement to expand Leeds, Hertfordshire and North Yorkshire's innovation projects make a difference to the sector as a whole? Read more at source: Zahawi announces plans to extend DfE innovation projects to more councils | Children & Young People Now

Hearing the voices of children in care | LocalGov

Every year the Department for Education publishes official statistics on children in care. These statistics tell us how many children live in foster care or in a children's home, what proportion moved placement and educational outcomes. What is missing from these numbers is the voice of children and young people living in care themselves. How... Continue Reading →

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