Improving care leavers access and participation in higher education

First published by the Department for Education on 14 March 2019. A new Policy paper has been published by the Department for Education: Principles to guide HE providers on improving care leavers access and participation in HE Details The guiding principles will support Higher Education (HE) providers to develop their offer for care leavers to... Continue Reading →

Social care commentary: using models of practice successfully | Ofsted

Originally published on 26 February 2019 By: Ofsted and Yvette Stanley Yvette Stanley reflects on the success factors in different models of practice that local authorities use when working with children and families: New ways of working can really support a profession that is striving to improve. What we shouldn’t do though, is forget the... Continue Reading →

Independent reviewing officers – raising children’s voices | NIROMP

By: Sharon Martin, Chair - National IRO Managers Partnership Posted: 17th February 2019 Independent reviewing officers’ have become increasingly creative (inventive / adaptive) in how they go about raising children's voices. This ability underlies an important aspect of NIROMP’s vision for a modern independent reviewing officer function; as an integral aspect of the independent reviewing... Continue Reading →

New CASCADE study proves the success of support for parents who have children taken into care

The primary aim of the Reflect project is to prevent women who have experienced the compulsory removal of a child from experiencing a repeat pregnancy in the short-term, whilst successive child removal remains the most likely outcome. Dr Louise Roberts has led the assessment of one of the first Reflect schemes, which has been run by... Continue Reading →

National Implementation Adviser for Care Leavers: first year report

Reflections from the National Implementation Adviser for Care Leavers on his findings from his visits to local authorities in his first year in post. Published 14 December 2018. From: Department for Education Details A report based on Mark Riddell’s visits to local authorities in his role as the National Implementation Adviser for Care Leavers. This follows... Continue Reading →

IRO briefing – creative communication and trauma informed practice | Katie Wrench & Sharon Martin

Using creative communication in a trauma informed response to care planning and review. Authors: Katie Wrench and Sharon Martin This briefing provides an introduction to the language and theory of trauma-informed practice combined with practical knowledge and skills development for IROs direct work - to support thinking and working with parents, children and young people.... Continue Reading →

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