‘Social work isn’t falling to bits – it has some deep challenges to which we can provide remedies’ | Community Care

It only takes a few minutes in Sir Alan Wood’s company before his reputation for plain speaking shows itself to be accurate. The chair of the children’s social care What Works Centre, who has been in post since early summer, begins advancing an argument that his new organisation’s role shouldn’t extend to driving reform. “It’s... Continue Reading →

Call to end unnecessary criminalisation of children in care | Children & Young People Now

The government is urging councils, the police and courts across England to sign up to an agreement aimed at reducing the unnecessary criminalisation of looked-after children and care leavers. The national protocol calls for a reduction in the number of incidents at children's homes that police are called out to. Read full piece at source:... Continue Reading →

Staying close and staying connected in East Anglia | SCIE #ECLCM

Featured article - 13 November 2018 via SCIE By Rachel Leslie, Project Implementation Manager, Break - Changing Young Lives Cambridgeshire and Norfolk are developing their arrangements for supporting young people as they leave residential care. Staying close and staying connected in East Anglia - definitely one to watch. Read more: Staying close and staying connected in... Continue Reading →

Being Ready: How do we know when parents are ready to work with us? | Jadwiga Leigh

New Beginnings is a concept which has been inspired by the Flemish organisation 'Stobbe'. Comparative research carried out by Leigh (2013; 2014; 2017) into the way in which services are provided in Flanders, Belgium and England, found that in Flanders residential centres are effective in providing better outcomes for children and parents. The findings showed that once parents... Continue Reading →

News from the Department for Education

The Department for Education is seeking to improve communication with IROs / social workers and has established an e-mail channel and a new e-newsletter for children and family social workers. Quarterly bulletins from the Department for Education will provide the latest news, guidance on best practice and updates from innovation projects across the country. Sign-up to... Continue Reading →

Children are at the heart of social work practice in Portsmouth

The participation of and direct work with children and families are key strengths. Social workers are supported to deliver meaningful intervention to sustain positive change and safe long-term outcomes for children. Children are at the heart of social work practice. The senior leadership team has worked resolutely to create a learning culture that is responsive... Continue Reading →


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