Final call: UEA evaluation of the DfE 2015 Regulations and Guidance for long-term foster care #IROs #Research

Dear Colleagues,

This is the final opportunity for managers of IROs and looked after children/fostering services to contribute to important ADCS supported research currently being undertaken by the University of East Anglia. This study is the first and only piece of research evaluating the impact of the DfE 2015 Regulations and Guidance on Long term foster care. They ideally need a complete national picture and would very much appreciate your support.

The research team very much want to include as many local authorities as possible in the results before the surveys are closed at the end of the month. Results will be fed back (anonymously) to the DfE, CORAM BAAF, CAFCASS and the other members of the steering group.

There are short surveys which are easy to complete online:

You can get in touch with the lead researcher Julie Young ( should you have any questions or would prefer Word versions of the surveys.

why is the research necessary?

In 2015 the Government introduced the first regulations and guidance for long-term foster care in England (Department for Education 2015.) The aim was to support long-term foster care as a permanence option and promote stable, secure and successful placements.

Local authorities were also required for the first time to identify children in long-term foster placements in their SSDA903 submissions to the Department for Education.  However, in 2018, for the third year in succession, the Department for Education was not able to publish the data on long-term foster care placements because of concerns about data quality.

This important study will provide policy makers and agencies with information on whether and how the 2015 Regulations and Guidance have been implemented and how procedures and practice across the country are now working to support long-term fostering as a permanence option for looked after children.

It is not too late to participate in this important research and thereby help to shape national policy and practice.

The Nuffield research team ideally need a national picture that will be fed back to the DfE, CORAM BAAF, CAFCASS, NIROMP and the other members of their steering group.

Please complete the survey via the link below:

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