Landmark collection of reports published today: “The genie is now out of the bottle” says Ian Dickson

Ian Dickson, chair of the #CareExpConf group officially presented the reports at Liverpool Hope University to the Professor in Social Work Michael Lavalette.

The reports are available to download at source via the Care Experienced Conference website:

What matters now is that this report is heard and listened to properly by those in positions of power and influence.

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England
Anne Longfield introduces this collection of must read reports.

You can also download the main reports and Top Ten messages here:

Lisa Cherry, introduces the Care Experienced Conference.

Message from the Chair of the National IRO Managers Partnership:

This groundbreaking collection of papers, contains heaps of wisdom and lived experience. Essential reading, it is brilliant to see these hugely important reports published.

Congratulations and fantastically well done to @IDickson258@Careexpconf and everyone in the #CareExpConf team. It is absolutely phenomenal what you have achieved.

Now the messages need to be heard fully and acted on fully. The CareExpConf team have created a platform that must lead to change.

Yes, the genie is out of the bottle. Now to turn messages into action and a changed reality.

Sharon Martin, NIROMP Chair

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