Research in Practice | Transitional safeguarding – bridging the gap between Children’s and Adults’ Services

The latest @researchIP blog explores how to work effectively with adolescents and young people when undertaking safeguarding work, recognising that adolescence throws up different issues that don’t simply disappear at age 18.

The challenge remains for Children’s Services to learn from adult social care, for example the Making Safeguarding Personal approach to safeguarding, which puts people firmly at the centre of the safeguarding process and recognises the complexities of risk enablement, achieving resolution and recovery as well as protection. 

Dr Christine Cocker and Dr Adi Cooper, Research in Practice

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Contextual Safeguarding: Re-writing the rules of child protection | Carlene Firmin | TEDxTottenham:

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We’d also recommend revisiting the presentations and discussions had at NIROMP’s ‘Not to Stop Questioning’ conference. Presentations from the day are available to download:

Some of the group discussion considered the learning to be drawn from colleagues in adults services and vice versa. Check out the following clip.

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