Source: Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice

In their joint guest blog, Andi Brierley and Luke Burgess reflect on the ‘CARE’ group in Leeds, drawing on their own experience of the care and justice systems. 

Andi: My role at Leeds YJS is to work with children in care that come into contact with youth justice and support them to desist from offending, to deliver training and awareness, collect data and facilitate Voice and Influence groups.

Luke: I admire the motivation I see in young people attending the CARE group. Often labelled as hard to engage, those attending the CARE group do so with a renewed optimism that is admirable. As we strive to create a “non-judgmental” environment for new members, barriers are quickly broken down.

Read full piece at source: Reflecting on CARE

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NIROMP want to challenge stereotypes of children in care and we think the best people to do that are the children and young people themselves. Our National Youth Ambassadors Advisory Group aims to amplify young people’s voices.

Young people in care are the experts in their own lives; they know more about the care system than anyone. We want to make sure they are listened to. You can download more information via the following link:

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