Council cut mother’s support months before seeking care order

Photo credit_ jon.swanson via DesignHunt _ CC BY-NC-SAJudge finds Cambridgeshire council’s withdrawal of support played ‘large part’ in events that led to it arguing her child should be taken into care.

‘Cambridgeshire had concerns following the end of support over the mother’s apparent failure to disclose a friendship – and potential sexual relationship (which the mother denied) – with a man who did not have stable accommodation, and who had his dog and child stay in the house.

The council said this broke the conditions of the child protection plan, and the man’s presence at the house placed T at risk of harm. It also said she had been involved in two arguments in front of T.

The judge said it would be “wrong” for him to feel the threshold for significant harm had been met when he felt the local authority had contributed to it by withdrawing support’.

Read at source: Council cut mother’s support months before seeking care order

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