NIROMP Community of Practice – Safeguarding Pressures session

Dear colleague,

Thank you for booking your place at the NIROMP Community of Practice – Safeguarding Pressures session, taking place from 09:30-11:00 on 14th July.

The main session will be recorded. By joining you indicate that you’re happy for the session to be recorded.

Joining the session:

  1. This session will run using Microsoft Teams, you have been provided with a link in the below information. Please do not share the link.
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  3. You can join with your video on or off but please mute your microphone, this will minimise background noise.
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In session – we want to hear from you:

Do ask questions, share comments and ideas throughout the session. We ask that you use the hand icon if you wish to speak and please use the chat message function. Your thoughts and ideas are what really make these sessions. We want to hear from you!

Breakout rooms – small group exercise:

This session will involve some small group work in breakout rooms. There’ll be opportunity to feedback key points to the main session, which will be recorded. The breakout rooms will not be recorded.

In the breakout rooms you’ll have opportunity to discuss one or two of the following:

  1. How do IROs keep up to date with new policy (local and national) as well as the changing context, and to understand the impact on both individual children and collectively across the LA. What approach is taken with practitioners and managers during transition from old to new policy?
  2. How does the intelligence that IROs have about efficacy of commissioning placements and services feed into contract monitoring and future commissioning? Especially around need/value/what works in achieving secure, stable loving care for children?
  3. How do IROs and Conference Chairs help consideration of how better to promote child and family safety, making sure parents’ circumstances are fully explored, ‘poverty proofed’ and understood?
  4. There is developing interest in ‘poverty proofing’ and how it dovetails with insights from research with families on the challenges posed by the design of social care systems and the links between deprivation and system design. How might a poverty aware framework be used be used by IROs and Conference Chairs to address neglect?
  5. IROs have a crucial role in championing the voice of the child. Co-production in children’s social care lags behind adult social care. How could IROs and Conference Chairs use the expertise to be gained from people with lived experience of services?

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We look forward to seeing you tomorrow 14th July.

With best wishes from the NIROMP Communities of Practice – Safeguarding Pressures session.