Attachment aware schools

Sustainable change happens when all parts of a system come together with a shared belief about the factors intrinsic to making a difference.

Read this great blog about ‘attachment awareness’ in schools. It’s a wonderful ‘good news’ story.

Matthew Blythe - meandminimees

The Minis go back to school tomorrow. It used to fill me with dread and fear. The phone calls would start. I would constantly check my phone, to see if the school had phoned, to tell me the latest awful thing they had done. Collecting them for school, would always involve the walk of shame, “can we have a word please”, the look from other parents.

High school should have been even worse. It’s a massive school. It’s huge! There are millions of students, swarming around like ants. The school has a great academic record, and an even better behaviour stance. We shouldn’t have lasted long at all. This is their last year. Only another 9 months and we will have made it. So how come the high school has been so positive? There are many reasons, but these are my top tips for attachment aware school…

  • Good communication between…

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