Inquiry launched into mental health of looked-after children

MPs will scrutinise the current provision of mental health services of looked-after children, and the level of training and support available for social workers

The report states that there are serious and deeply ingrained problems with the commissioning and provision of Children’s and adolescents’ mental health services and has emphasised the need for national priority and scrutiny:

  • “It is clear that there are currently insufficient levers in place at national level to drive essential improvements to CAMHS services. These have received insufficient scrutiny from CQC and we look to review progress in this area following their new inspection regime. The Minister has argued that waiting time targets will improve CAMHS services but we recommend a broader approach that also focuses on improving outcomes for specific conditions in children’s and adolescents’ mental health.
  • We therefore recommend the development, implementation and monitoring of national minimum service specifications, together with an audit of spending on CAMHS. We recommend that the Department of Health/NHS England taskforce look to remove the perverse incentives that act as a barrier to Tier 3.5 service development and ensure investment in early intervention services. There must be a clear national policy directive for CAMHS, underpinned by adequate funding.”

Read more in Community Care: Inquiry launched into mental health of looked-after children

Read the full House of Commons Health Committee report:  Children’s and adolescents’ mental health and CAMHS Third Report of Session 2014–15


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