Female Genital Mutilation #ENDFGM


Serious Crime Act 2015

Duties under this Act make professionals’ responsibilities absolutely clear: read more

Mandatory reporting requirements: read more

Youth-led website launched to end FGM

A new website has been launched by teenagers to help educate other young people about FGM and what steps they can take to stop it.

Everybody’s Business is a youth-led website that raises awareness about female genital mutilation (FGM); provides regular comment about UK and global actions to end the practice and most importantly provides space for young people to add their voice to the FGM campaign. read more

Department of Health guidance & support materials

The Department of Health has published a range of guidance and support materials for staff and patients explaining how to implement the duty, what it means and what professionals should do if they think a child has experienced or is at risk of FGM: read more

A training package introducing the duty to staff has also been produced, as has a leaflet explaining the duty to patients and the families affected. Posters, action flowcharts and a film on NHS Choices complement the package to provide an at-a-glance advice on what action to take: read more

These measures are being delivered as part of the Department of Health’s ongoing national FGM Prevention Programme: read more

Specialist FGM clinics

There are several FGM clinics available in London and in many large UK cities. Some are linked to an antenatal clinic, while others may be within a community clinic or GP surgery. Download a list of all available FGM clinics, including their contact details here

FGM helpline

The NSPCC provide a free 24-hour FGM helpline.  Contact: 0800 028 3550

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