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Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs): Looked After Children

Entitlement to an Individual Savings Account

Among the various entitlements that a child in care has are the requirement for the local authority children’s services to provide arrangements for the child or young person to have an Individual Savings Account (ISA).

Download the Statutory Guidance here: Junior individual saving accounts for looked-after children

A Junior Individual Savings Account (Junior ISA) will be opened for every child-2

In addition_ � Independent Reviewing Officers should ensure local a

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Information about Junior ISAs for Looked after Children

The Government have contributed £200 for each eligible looked after child.

The Share Foundation, a registered charity, has been authorised by the government to set up and manage Junior ISAs for all looked after children. The Share Foundation also raises funds which it contributes to the Junior ISAs that it manages.

IndividaualSavings Accounts

Independent Reviewing Officers – what you should know

The Government have contributed £200 to open a Junior ISA for each eligible looked after child throughout the United Kingdom. All children under your responsibility, who have been continuously in care for at least a year and who do not have a Child Trust Fund, are eligible for a Junior ISA.

The Share Foundation, a registered charity, has been authorised by the Government to set up and manage the Junior ISAs for all looked after children. The Share Foundation is also raising funds which it will contribute to the Junior ISAs that it manages. These may be unrestricted, or restricted by local authority, region or country.

All local Authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are invited to register with The Share Foundation. The Share Foundation cannot set up and manage children and young peoples accounts until the Local Authority has sent the Share Foundation the details of the children and young people who are eligible for an account, and authorising contact with carers and others as part of this regular data download. 

The core data required by the Share Foundation

  • Child’s first name and surname
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • UK residency
  • Date entered care

These details should be sent by the responsible Local Authority GSE secure connection, to The Share Foundation. Email:

Where to get advice and support on how to help children in care to manage their finances as part of the scheme

Materials for Local Authorities and Corporate Parents, carers: and young people themselves here:

This is a great website for children and young people:

For general support, telephone: 0300 6660 127 or 01296 310400

Alternatively general enquiries can be emailed to: or write to The Share Foundation, Oxford House, Oxford Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 8PB

Want to help build an inheritance for children and young people in care?

Individuals, Trusts and Organisations can help build an inheritance for children and young people in care by making a contribution to the Junior ISAs. For more information click here 

Entitlements & Useful Links

To read more about exactly what children in care are entitled to and the different areas of support available to them click here

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