“Even simple mistakes can be emotionally wounding …”

Thanks wearefamily for sharing this great piece: You don’t love me anymore”


Social workers are just people doing a job and of course like all of us they are sometimes less than perfect; however they are dealing with people’s lives so even simple mistakes can be emotionally wounding. We became very aware of this through our own experience and also that of friends who have also been […]

A helpful reminder of the importance of thoughtful preparation and support involving those closest to the child – do read and share. Download the blog in full: here

To follow wearefamily and to take a look at their recommended books for adopted children, download their page: here

Another good read and a great resources is the ‘The children were fine’ project. Their research is definitely worth reading in conjunction with the wearefamily piece.

Download ‘The children were fine’ research here: “Acknowledging complex feelings in the move from foster care into adoption”

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