Improving Outcomes – prevention is better than cure

This latest blog from SCIE and partners is a good read. Published in the Huffington Post: SCIE’s Ewan King sets out why there is too much spending on symptoms and not on causes: “we continue to invest too much in acute and crisis care rather than in spotting and resolving problems when they first arise”.

“It’s a very challenging problem we face: how do we significantly reduce our spending on crisis care and acute treatment and start investing in tackling the problems that emerge early in children’s lives. It will take brave decisions by leaders and commissioners to move in this direction. But we have to start doing it so that children and young people start experiencing the quality outcomes that we as a society should be able to provide for them”. Ewan King

A good read. Download at source here: Improving Outcomes for Young People – We’re Spending Too Much on Symptoms Rather Than Causes

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