The Munro Review – What’s changed and where next? #socialwork

Photo credit_ ransomtech via _ CC BY-NC-SA

Professor Eileen Munro CBE is a leading social work academic and author of the influential  Munro review into Child Protection. She recently delivered a seminar for the social work training scheme Frontline.

“This is a really exciting time to be in social work despite the funding cuts. We have this chance that we must try and use”.

Professor Eileen Munro.

The Frontline Leadership Seminar: The Munro Review – What has changed and where do we go next? View it here:

Read some of Eileen Munro’s key points as reported by Andy McNicol in Community Care: Eileen Munro on bureaucracy, blame and building a better future for social work

Read about the: Children’s Social Care Innovation programme: how to get involved

The short film below features young people explaining how social workers have made a difference to their lives. A reminder of why social work can help transform lives, it was first published by Frontline in 2014.


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