Kids in Care: Let’s Start a Revolution! By Laura Beverage

‘Take a risk, do what’s right and think about love’, says Laura Beverage [2]

Laura Beverage has her ambitions set on revolutionising the care system.  Laura is a Development Officer at Who Cares? Scotland helping young people in Scotland. Having grown up in care herself, Laura experienced a lot of moving around and having everything she did, from jumping on a trampoline to a sleepover with friends, recorded and risk assessed and prior to this, Laura’s life was a collection of trauma, rejection and physical pain.

Laura’s talk provides insight into what life feels like in care and the human stories behind the grim statistics. Laura invites everyone to join the movement that seeks to change care forever.

Be inspired. Laura’s TEDx speech resulted in a standing ovation.

‘It was when I was in residential school that I met my children’s right’s worker, Lorraine. I remember Lorraine saying that she heard me before she saw me at that first visit. I was screaming and shouting at the staff and in walks this lady into my bedroom and she just sat herself down at the end of my bed. I was, like…who is this lady? She’s not scared or pissed off at me! Lorraine was absolutely brilliant, she helped me go to meetings and spoke on my behalf when I got too upset or angry to talk. I had a lot of respect for Lorraine because she had so much time for me and really listened and genuinely wanted the best for me’. [2]

‘When I look back on my care journey I can see that it was the little things that gave me strength. It was the teacher who gave me a lift to school in the morning or the teacher that kept me a sandwich for my lunch. It was my key- worker that gave me a hug when I needed it and my rights worker, Lorraine, who stood up for me and spoke up when I didn’t have the strength to’. [2]


[1] Laura Beveridge | TEDxGlasgow Kids in Care: Let’s Start a Revolution! 

[2] Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care 2016 – Vol.15, No.1 The Care Leavers’ Annual Lecture: University of Dundee, 30 October 2015

About the author

Laura Beveridge is a development officer with Who Cares? Scotland, a third sector organisation that champions the voice of care experienced young people. Who Cares? Scotland helps to empower young people to be heard, creating opportunities for them to participate in local groups and national events, and giving them a platform to influence change, develop their skills, and make fun happy memories along the way! Laura is based in Dundee and covers the East of Scotland. Email: or visit

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