ALC publishes concerns on settlement conferences pilot

The Association of Lawyers for Children (ALC) has published guidance on the pilot of settlement conferences in public law cases:

‘Based on the very limited information available, we currently have serious concerns about the proposals and whether or not they constitute a fair and judicial process.

The Association current advice to its members is:

‘We have considered the document published by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) ‘Settlement Conferences: Guidance for Parties’. We have concerns in principle about this project, which is being piloted in certain family courts. Our advice to members currently is to consider very carefully whether it is possible for them to discharge their professional duty to their parent (and extended family) clients by taking part in such conferences. The role of separately represented children and the children’s guardians is not mentioned in the guidance, and we are not clear how it is envisaged that children are to be independently represented, and their voices heard’.

Read the guidance published by the Association of Lawyers for Children: here.

Other relevant sources of information: Settlement Conferences — suesspiciousminds

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