Tape recording of an expert (a SHOCKING case) @suesspiciousmin

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‘Truly, absolutely shocking.

This was a set of care proceedings, transferred up to the High Court before Mr Justice Hayden. A consultant clinical psychologist, Dr Ben Harper, was instructed by the Court to assess the mother. The mother unknown to him, tape recorded their sessions. After the report of Dr Harper arrived, containing words set out in quotation marks attributed to the mother that she says she did not say, those tape recordings were transcribed and showed that …

Read full piece at source: Tape recording of an expert (a SHOCKING case)

Transcript of the judgement via Bailii: Re F (A Minor) 2016

In Secure

More by suesspiciousminds – ‘In Secure’ by Andrew Pack (aka ‘suesspiciousminds‘)

‘I have written a book. A fiction book, not dry law stuff.

It is Harry Potter and Scum and the Devil Rides Out and Porridge, all stuck into a blender with ice, sugar and rum and turned up to the max power setting’.

‘In Secure’ is an adventure story set in a prison for children, where the characters are busy fighting their emotional demons when a real one turns up. Here is the page all about the book.

The Author

‘Andrew Pack has been writing all of his life and as a young child once demanded on a bus that his mum get off because there was a shop he absolutely had to go into. He had with him an exercise book containing his Mr Man style series where all of the characters were sandwich fillings. The shop he was insisting he and his mum should enter was “William Hill Bookmakers”, thinking that they would turn the Sandwich Gang into a book for him. It did not work out that way, though luckily his mum’s hunch on the 4.15 at Newmarket sailed in. At present Andrew works in family law and writes the legal and social work blog Suesspicious Minds (www.suesspiciousminds.com) which is followed by lawyers, journalists, social workers, parents and Judges alike, explaining complicated law in short chunks and accompanied by sarcasm, gags and 80s references. In Secure is his first published novel, or at least it will be if you give him a hand’.

Andrew is busy crowdsourcing funds for the book. Find out more about how to pre-order and to read a chapter of the book, for the second time: Here is the page all about the book.

Bless him, hear he has the same song playing over and over in his mind “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it”.

Andrew needs all the help he can get! 



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