Celebrating diversity – gender variance

E-learning – Gender variance in young people

Working in partnership with GIRES (the Gender Identity Research and Education Society), Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has created an e-learning course to help raise awareness of gender variance in young people. The course is free and provides an optional test, as well as a certificate of completion that enables you to earn CPD points.

The target audiences for this e-learning are:

  • Health and social care professionals,
  • Families and carers of gender variant children and trans adolescents,
  • Education professionals,
  • Medical professionals.

The resource contains three 15 minute modules:

The course includes an introduction to gender nonconconformity, advice on how to create supportive environments for gender nonconforming young people and critical information about medical interventions and front line support.

Transgender Youth Bust Myths!

Originally published on 14 Dec 2015. Source: My Genderation – YouTube
Filmed by Fox & trans youths, edited by Fox (with guest editor Lewis Hancox).

FOX & TAYLER (15) – Coming Out & Passing

Published on 15 Dec 2014. Source: My Genderation
Fox catches up with young Tayler. In 6 months time, he can start taking testosterone. Tay’s been on hormone blockers since he was 14.

National Trans Youth Network Conference 2014

Published on 20 Nov 2014. Source: My Generation
Annual conference of 120+ young trans people. A film-making workshop by Fox at Lucky Tooth.

Gender is not a straight line. | Charlie Hobman | TEDxYouth@Frankston

Published on 24 Jun 2015
In this talk Charlie Hobman explores the challenges faced by trans people in particular young trans around the world. Charlie explains first hand the oppression felt growing up been identified as a female although he has always identified as male. Charlie acknowledges that we have made progress in addressing the LGBTIQA community but there is still a lot of work to be done within schools and the broader community to bring equality.

Charlie Hobman is an advocate for human rights, particularly for the LGBTIQA community. Charlie is passionate about educating society on the broad spectrum of gender identity. Although young, Charlie feels empowered and ready to do what it takes to make an impact on the lives of LGBTIQA people and ensure that all sexual orientations and gender identities are recognized and acknowledged appropriately.



GIRES – Empowering Gender Nonconforming Young People

In collaboration with Mermaids, GIRES has been campaigning since 2000 for the NHS to make puberty suspending medication available to gender non-conforming young people in accordance with the international guidelines. The NHS adopted this approach partially in 2011 and then fully in 2014. GILES next goal is to achieve a more benign approach regarding cross-sex hormones and care for young people who have obtained medication via the internet. Read more: here

Trans Pride 2016 in Brighton & Hove: See the march and more!

Published on 29 Jul 2016. Source: My Genderation
A short film celebrating this year’s Trans Pride in Brighton and Hove, by Fox Fisher.

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