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New – Research in Practice case law summaries

photo-credit_-vaxzine-via-foter-com-_-cc-by-nc-ndOriginally posted on 21 September 2016. Source: Research in Practice.

Research in Practice have launched ‘Case law summaries’. This new resource will be of help to professionals working in the family court or in pre-proceedings work with families.

The case law summaries for September are open access. Please send any feedback or suggestions on how to develop this resource to:

Case law summaries are a new, monthly update summarising and analysing selected public law cases and their implications for practice.

The summaries will provide the main details of the case and highlight key messages for professionals. You will also find links to RiP resources that can support you to implement recommendations arising from the cases.

The first summary analyses the recent judgment W (A Child) [2016]. This judgment has implications for all permanency cases involving adoption and for colleagues preparing reports and evidence on the different options for a child’.

Read the latest updates from Research in Practice: Case law summaries

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