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MPs vote to reinstate controversial ‘exemption clause’

copy-of-copy-of-cswb-2Government proposals to allow councils to apply for exemptions from children’s social care legislation have been reinserted into the Children and Social Work Bill following a vote by MPs.

‘The controversial so-called “exemption clause” was previously removed from the legislation in November following a defeat for the government in the House of Lords.

But members of a committee scrutinising the bill have effectively overturned that decision by voting through amended proposals by 10 to five, despite opposition from Labour MPs’.

Read full piece: MPs vote to reinstate controversial ‘exemption clause’

Other relevant information

This briefing note, was shared with ADCS by Isabelle Trowler – Chief Social Worker for Children and Families in October 2016. It provides information about why the power to innovate is needed, detail of how applications will be considered and examples of how it could be used.

The policy statement: Power to test different ways of working

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