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Initial Family and Friends Care Assessment: A good practice guide – Family Rights Group

Developed by Family Rights Group in partnership with an expert working group, February 2017

A good practice guide on initial family and friends care assessments has been launched by Family Rights Group.

The guide sets out best practice as to how viability assessments should be conducted. It lists what factors social workers conducting the assessment need to consider, including when undertaking assessments with family members overseas. It also includes research evidence, a schedule and example template and an information sheet for a family and friends carers.

The guide was instigated by Bridget Lindley, Family Rights Group’s Deputy Chief Executive and Deputy Legal Adviser (until her death in March 2016) and drawn up by an expert working group. It is endorsed by the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, Family Justice Council, Cafcass, Catch 22, Coram Baaf, Coram Chambers, Coram Children’s Legal Centre, Association of Lawyers for Children, Family Action, Family Rights Group, Grandparents Plus, Kinship Carers UK, Kinship Care Alliance, London Borough of Islington, Principal Social Work Network, The Fostering Network and The Kinship ‘Foster Carers’ Group.

Download the guide: Initial Family and Friends Care Assessment: A good practice guide

Learn more about the Family Rights Group: About Us

Our mission is to help bring about improvements in practice and policy. Holding children at the centre of what we do through our work with and for them, we aim to lead and promote excellent care and services. The partnership consists of an elected Chair and elected Regional Leads who represent their regions at a national level (two from each of the nine regions within England).

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