Transition planning : foster care to adoption

This piece was first posted on 13/02/2016.

Findings from small-scale research

Worth reading this research paper by Sophie Boswell and Lynne Cudmore, child psychotherapists. The paper considers children’s attachment and emotional needs and the role of foster carers during the transition from foster care to adoption. The research findings are explored in the light of an attachment and loss in childhood perspective, and of individual and organisational defences against pain and loss. Implications for future practice are discussed and the authors have invited people to add their thoughts and comments.

Download the full research report: Boswell, S. & Cudmore, L. (2014) ‘The children were fine’ : acknowledging complex feelings in the move from foster care into adoption

As child psychotherapists in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) emb-3
How to contribute to the discussion

The researchers are collating feedback from foster carers and adoptive parents, as well as professionals, such as psychologists, social workers and IROs. They would love to hear from people who would like to share their views or experiences. Sophie Boswell and/or Lynne Cudmore can be contacted via email at: or via a contact form available via the link: here

Other relevant reading

Community Care (February 11,2016): Blindspot: why social workers don’t always support contact between children and foster carers

Community Care (February 11,2016): Foster carer: ‘When you’re suddenly classed as not mattering it’s devastating’

Community Care (September 2, 2015) How social workers can use attachment theory in direct work

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