Child Sexual Exploitation: Case Studies & Commentaries – LGA

A compilation of case studies and commentaries on good practice in tackling Child Sexual Exploitation is now available on the Local Government Association (LGA) website.

NIROMP want to use these commentaries to help share and promote the good practice seen during Ofsted inspections. Some of the approaches are innovative and all are based on good practice.

An example of how IROs are making a difference in Bury

In Bury, the local authority and partners understand the challenges of tackling child sexual exploitation and are working together to identify and assess the level of risk faced by vulnerable children. One important element of their approach is that each child at risk of child sexual exploitation is allocated an independent reviewing officer (IRO) who has been employed as the dedicated child sexual exploitation lead. The IRO chairs the child sexual exploitation strategy meetings and the subsequent reviews. This provides an additional level of scrutiny to the work with children and a level of independence from direct frontline practice. The IRO ensures that all partners agree when work can come to an end and this decision is made through a review of the plan and a further risk assessment.

‘While many local authorities review risks, this additional challenge and oversight in Bury strengthens practice’.

Inevitably different areas face different problems and challenges. Models that work well in one area could work for well in other areas if adjustments are made.

NIROMP encourages you to please have a look, discuss with colleagues, share what you think and leave a comment.

Read full piece at source: Child Sexual Exploitation: Case Studies

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The case studies and commentaries were first highlighted in the monthly social care commentary by Ofsted’s National Director, Social Care, Eleanor Schooling in January 2017.

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